Which Fountain Do You Drink From?

stockphotofountain-1Have you heard the good news? The Fountain Of Life has been found! Hard to believe? I can understand, many are skeptical of things like this. But, if you’d let me, I’d like to tell you of the place I speak of. If you’re still reading, I’m glad! It means you’re at least curious of this Fountain. So, I’ll just start by telling you how spectacular this Fountain is! Its water is like no other! Drink daily from it and it will cure even the most horrendous of illnesses. It’ll take away your pain and your sorrow and give you peace and comfort. It’ll wipe away your suffering and your worries, even render your fears nonexistent. It will give you light where there is darkness and hope where there is defeat. Drink daily from this Fountain, have faith in its powers, and you will have knowledge beyond this world. Wisdom will be your friend and strength your encourager in moments of doubt and despair. Do you want that? Does overwhelming joy and happiness sound like somthing you would be interested in? If you’re still reading this then I assume you desire to seek this Fountain. Now comes the hard part, a part that will take dedication and true longing to accomplish. The path to this Fountain of Life is narrow and few travel it often. There will be thorns that scrape and tear at your clothing and branches in your way by which you may stumble. There will be holes and missing pieces of land, and the journey is long and hot and at some points exhausting. You will have moments of weakness and doubt, and times where your feet will hurt so unbearably that you can’t imagine a simple Fountain being worth all the struggle and suffering just for a drink. There will be people waiting in the shadows, murders and thieves and coveters who seek your fall, who seek to stop your trips to the Fountain. They will want to destroy you before you gain all the gifts this Fountain promises. Though they do not want the Fountain for themselves, they do not want anyone else to receive the gifts. Why do they do this? Because, my friend, there is another fountain not too far away and they have drank from its waters. It’s walls are captivating and alluring and it’s gates are bright and open wide to all who see the world. The path is easy, thorn-less; it’s road is paved with riches and jewels and possesions that draw the eyes. Its water whispers of everything that you could ever want. It tells you that it is the true bringer of joy and provider of comfort, the one and only way to eternal life. It wears deceit like a blanket and destruction is its servant. It does not love it’s drinkers, but laughs secretly at their blind eyes. Many have fallen prey to the whispers and lies of this fountain, this imposter. It does not bring peace or comfort or hope. It does not take away your fears or give you rest. Its promises are in vain, for it cannot fulfill its word. It promises what it cannot keep and it provides what it convinces you it will take away from you. Many travelers turn to its path, but you must not. You must not give into the temptation of the simple road. For its water is not of life, but of death. One drink and it will be hard to ever leave. Do not seek that fountain. It will not endure forever, for its end is eminent. Seek the Fountain Of Life and seek it daily. Make the trek to that Fountain every chance you can. That beautiful, prevailing Fountain that contains the power to heal you and take your sorrows and steal away your anxiety and weariness and will give you utmost peace and rest and love, will hear your footsteps. It will hear you coming and will send you strength, giving you the drive to make it to the end each day if only you do not give up. Do not stop. For at the end, those who have sought the Fountain Of Life, of light and love and peace and joy; the Fountain that contains the only living water in existence, will have a life of happiness eternally. But the ones who do not take the road less traveled, who do not go the extra miles and suffer daily the journey of the righteous, will inherit the true offerings of the imposter: death and destruction and agony forevermore. My friends, the Fountain of Life I speak of is Jesus Christ. Jesus, the son of our God, who shed His innocent blood on the cross to free us from the sin of this world. To free us from the grip of the fountain of death, the imposter, the son of perdition and lies: satan. I hope and pray that you will choose the path less traveled, the road that leads to the Fountain Of Life, the Comforter, the Protector, Jesus Christ. I pray that you will accept Him today if you have not, and drink with me from The Fountain Of Life for eternity. For the righteous paths end will be more wonderful than we can ever imagine. I hope to see you at the end, my friends.