Start it Right

January 1st, 2017

It’s officially a new year! Rejoice, we’re still alive and well all thanks to our Lord!

In light of a new beginning, I’d like to share a page from my devotional: God Calling by A.J. Russell, Editor.


Between The Years

Our Lord and our God. We joy in Thee. Without Thy Help we could not face the year before us.


I stand between the years. The Light of My Presence is flung across the year to come- the radiance of the Sun of the Righteousness. Backward, over the past year, is My Shadow thrown, hiding trouble and sorrow and disappointment.

Dwell not on the past- only on the present. Only use the past as the trees use My Sunlight to absorb it, to make from it in after days the warming fir-rays. So store only the blessings from Me, the Light of the World. Encourage yourselves by the thought of these.

Bury every  fear of the future, of poverty for those dear to you, of suffering, of loss. Bury all thoughts of unkindness and bitterness, all your dislikes, your resentments, your sense of failure, your disappointment in others and in yourself, your gloom, your despondency, and let us leave them all, buried, and go forward to a new and risen life.

Remember that you must not see as the world sees. I hold the year in My Hands- in trust for you. But I shall guide you one day at a time.

Leave the rest with Me. You must not anticipate the gift by fears or thoughts of the days ahead.

And for each day I shall supply the wisdom and the strength.


Blessings to you all! May God work for you and through you in this year to come!